Telecommuting Articles

“Telecommuting: Crossing the Threshold to Work”

by Mike Pihlman, Owner TracyVirtualOffice (now AltamontCowork)

The articles below can form the basis for learning about telecommuting, starting a telecommuting program, or, at the very least, help provide you with backup for bringing telecommuting up to your employer.

The series also published in the Tracy Press.

Is This Fun?

Part 1: Introduction

BEEEEPPPP. BEEEEEPPPP. Arrrgghhhh.  It’s 5:00 AM and your alarm clock is announcing the start of a new day. You hurry to get ready for work, then climb into your trusty automobile (or climb aboard the ACE train) for the, sometimes stressful, one or two hour commute to work.

If your day is normal, you might:  talk with clients on the phone, spend a few hours on the computer, design hardware or software for the next great product, research ways to save the environment, write reports, or attend hours of meetings (none of which are pointless, right?)…..more.

Part 2: Telecommuting wants you!

Since I co-wrote a Telecommuting Plan for LLNL many years ago, a new term has appeared: TeleWork.  Some experts argue that “telework” is more accurate than “telecommuting”since it describes the act of  “working” while telecommuting emphasizes the act of “commuting”.  That may be good for others, but, we live in and around Tracy, CA and the fact of the matter is: We commute. And we commute a lot.

Sooooo, for this series, I believe the word “telecommute” is more accurate for our particular situation even though I may insert “telework” occasionally just to keep current…..more.

Part 3: Start Telecommuting!

Save money, time, and the environment, reduce traffic, increase productivity, and maintain business continuity. As we have seen, telecommuting can have significant benefits for both the employee and employer. But not everyone is allowed to telecommute. Not every company has a telecommuting program. And I can see why….more.

Part 4: Telecommute!

Gas is over $4.00 a gallon. Traffic is horrendous. Now is the perfect time to start telecommuting.You probably have all the technology you need: A telephone, a computer with all the required applications, and Internet connectivity. In the old days, putting all this together was difficult. Not anymore. Now everyone can be fully connected 24×7…..more.


NEW Blog Posting

“Telecommuting = Coworking = Telework”

OK, this is ridiculous.

Folks….it is 2010. The Internet is at nearly everyone’s feet, computers have evolved into lean mean mobile machines, phones have done the same.

Social networks abound, email, IM, Twitter, Facebook, videoconferencing, voice, video, and data….all at your fingertips.

Airports, train stations, McDonalds, Starbucks, Barnes & Noble, just about every where there is wireless access to the Internet.

Why are you still commuting to a central location to work?  DUH…more



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