Office Space Pictures

AltamontCowork is located in Downtown Tracy, CA.
95 W. 11th Street, Suite 205

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Pineapple Club Designs working in November

pineapple club working

October 2014

single desk 2 widened partitions oct 8 2014 1

oct 8 2014 2 oct 8 2014 4 night shot 1

elm 1 elm 3 donuts

FLEXing at NEW Desks #4 and #2

#4 I am flexing today  #2 Flexing at Desk #2

NEW: Added 4 SINGLE URDESKS (or FLEX, if not rented)

single desk 1 single desk 2 single desk 3

VERY private with file cabinets

September 2014

Dedicated Desk green room flexdesks

my view 1 back in my spot urdesk 2

September 2014–360 Degrees of AltamontCowork Video



August 2014

pinapple club Alinne coworking at altamontcowork

mary kay earls snacks executive office


A Deposition and Internet Speed Tests July 2014

Susan the Court Reporter and Jared the Techy from NNIS are here….

the lawyer with Susan and Jared ….the Lawyer is via video conferencing

upgraded comcast (SCREAMING FAST Internet)


July 15 2014: Matt is working his FREE DAY to see if he likes it here

Matt visiting

June 2014 Watching the World Cup

world cup

June 2014

space at night 1 opposite view coworking at night

urdesks at night collaboration space 1 green room flex desks

June 8, 2014: New Member(s) Bay Area Start-Up had a need for a “live” meeting place for it’s geographically dispersed employees.  Tracy, CA is ideally located half way between the Bay Area / Silicon Valley and the Sacramento area.  The price is right, the location is right, and I get to talk to techy’s again!

varaah inc

June 6, 2014:  Watching a Movie

Blu Ray Movie movie 2

May 28, 2014: A slight change to provide more space

may 25 3 may 25 2 may 25 4

may 25 1

May 14, 2014 Lunch & Learn

We had a great time discussing Social Media for Small Business.

Social Media Lunch and Learn May 14 2014 May 14 Lunch and Learn Crew

April 23, 2014:  LUNCH & LEARN

effectvie marketing 3 effective marketing 12 effective marketing 11 effective marketing 10 effective marketing 9 effective marketing 8 effective marketing 7 effective marketing 6 effective marketing 5 effective marketing 4 effective marketing 2 effective marketing 1

April 15, 2014:  Earl, Lucille, and Susan having FUN

lucille earl and susan coworking earl laughing

April 2014

april 9 1 april 9 2 april 9 3

april 9 4 april 9 5 april 9 6

april 9 7 april 9 8 april 9 10

april 9 12 april 9 11 april 9 13

april 9 14 april 9 donuts


Back to pure COWORKING (ie no more private offices)

new URDESK Imagination Wall Quiet room

Puzzle Coworking and Imagaination Wall to do wall


NEW OPEN SPACE Floor Plan – March 2014

coworking table 1 rest area coworking space 5

sparse floor plan 3 wpid-20140315_160102.jpg urdesks

flex desks snacks orange conf room

Feb 2014

flex 1 single and double flex flex couch

flex coffee food

January 2014

I separated desks from food / entertainment (this was the original set-up almost 5 years ago)

back to the future with HDTV the hdtv in its righful place coworking 1

coworking 2 coworking 3 coworking 4

loves desk

Huge pizza for lunch provided by Robert at Blackstone Security Services.

giant pizza

Hispanic Chamber Mixer

Hispanic chamber members Brian and Robert

Office space changes..

coworking desks jan 2014 jan 2014 coworking 1 coworking jan 2014

jbb cleaning jan 2014 my desk jan 2014 snacks

December 2013 (a few changes)

rules of coworking changed space 1 new HDTV and space changed space 2 changed space and brian

December 2013 (Our NEW 40″ HDTV and Christmas Tree)

presentation 2 presentation 3 coworking christmas 1

Christmas Tree 2013

November 2013

febe and jen roses at altamontcowork presentation

Sept 2013 AltamontCowork at Night

collaboration corner at night collaboration tables and flexdesks coworking and colorful doors

coworking space night visit lori and coworking space at night 2 flex desks and computer

Sept 6 2013 Coworking Space Pictures

coworking space 3 coworking space 2 comfy work space

coworking space 4 orange conf room coworking space

entire workspace coffee and mugs snacks

July 18, 2013 “Lunch & Learn”

Leon Churchill, Tracy, CA City Manager talks about his vision for Tracy, CA

leon up close leon talking final audience

lunch networking

June 2013

The first “Lunch & Learn” a Small Business Development Workshop was FANTASTIC!

workshop 1 workshop 2 workshop food

after workshop 1 after workshop 3 after workshop 4

April 2013

jen Aileen and Febe still have donuts

Jen Robert and Earl URDESK now available Conf Room Scheduling

January 2013

Brian jan 2013Brittany Earl and Robert Jan 2013 rhafia working

Febe at her desk lucille in chair orange conf room

puzzle and food table David working

December 2012

AltamontCowork Christmas tree brighter christmas and our tree Brittany at her desk

collaborative space  Liz dec food

mayor at networking meeting lucille new 2

City of Tracy Meeting (October 2, 2012)


September 2012



August 2012

Using the entire space after hours…for free!



July 2012 (a few more a few days later than below)



July 2012 (Back to 205!)

Still moving in, but, here are some preliminary pictures…back to the future.  🙂


June 2012 AltamontCowork Pictures (change is good…right?)




April 2012 AltamontCowork Pictures



March 2012 Pictures





Who says COWORKING spaces have to be boring?  Lucille is decorating!


Pizza on the Patio (Jan 18, 2012)



Ceviche LUNCH (courtesy of JBB Cleaning Services, Lucille)


Jan 2012 AltamontCowork Office Pics




October 2011 “Back to the Future” move back to Suite 203






October 2011 Pizza at AltamontCowork (Suite 205)



September 2011 (Suite 205)






July 2011 (Suite 205)

Altamont in the Morning Networking Meeting


Member Altamont Mechanical’s Morning Tracy Chamber Coffee Mixer, July 12, 2011 (Suite 205)





June 2011 (Suite 205)

Altamont in the Morning Meeting June 21


April 2011 (Suite 205)


Altamont in the Morning Meeting on 3/22/11 (Suite 205)


More Pictures from Suite 205

Tracy Chamber Mixer for Tracy Island Online

Mr. Brown’s Tracy High IB Biology Study Session 2010

YouTube Videos


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