Imagination Wall

We will transform this plain wall…..

Into the magical…….

In the next few days (or weeks) AltamontCowork will embark on the biggest project ever in it’s history.   With help from everyone in Tracy, CA, hopefully, we can build, by Christmas 2010 the great…..the interesting……the wonderful……Imagination Wall.

Family Movie Nights
Wii Game Nights and Competitions
Presentations, Classes, Seminars
Corporate Meetings
Education / Videoconferencing

The Imagination Wall will be many things, to many people.  The use of this wall will be limited only by your IMAGINATION.  See the pictures below for some of the uses….can you think of more?   Come on….use your IMAGINATION  🙂

The project will be starting soon (hopefully in the next week, running thru Dec 17th, 2010)…you will have a chance to be involved, if you wish.

Here is the DRAFT blurb:

“The current, very boring and virtually useless, “projection” wall at AltamontCowork will be enhanced with a large screen HDTV, Blu-Ray player, and wicked sound system. It will become the “Imagination Wall” where the possibilities are as endless as your imagination.

The new HDTV, Blu-Ray player, and sound system will connect to your laptop computer and can be used to display presentation material (slides, video, audio, graphics, etc) for seminars, meetings, and classes at AltamontCowork.

It will also be used by AltamontCowork members, families, and their guests for free “High Def Movie Nights”.  Bring a blanket, a pillow, snacks, grab some floor space…..and watch a movie in full 1080p high definition.   Like to play Wii?  On “Family Game Nights” pick up a controller and compete with yourself, family, or friends.

The “Imagination Wall” can connect a high definition videoconferencing system for educational videoconferences, around the world, for students in the Tracy Unified or Jefferson School districts (and others). Videoconferencing in the local schools does not yet exist in Tracy, CA . Imagine visiting live, and talking with, people at an aquarium in Florida, or the Coral Reef in Australia, or at the South Pole. The educational opportunities are limited only by ones “Imagination””.

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