What is Coworking?

Think Starbucks…….got it?


Now think Executive Office Suite…….ok?


AltamontCowork is in between.

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Like Starbucks, we offer a relaxing, cool (literally and figuratively), atmosphere where you can network with other people. Come in, grab a seat or sofa space, pour some coffee and work.

Like an Executive Office Suite, AltamontCowork is quiet, and we offer rooms where you can meet with clients, colleagues, take a nap, or work in private.

AltamontCowork offers FREE coffee and screaming fast, Comcast Business Class, Internet access with FREE WiFi.

As we grow the AltamontCowork coworking community, we will have “community events” such as High Def Movie nights, Board Games, Wii Competitions, Ice Cream Socials, Birthday Parties, etc., etc.

Coworking, to me,  is a new twist on an old concept, the old “Neighborhood Telework Center”.

AltamontCowork is the first  (and only) coworking location in Tracy, CA.  I  have been involved in “Telecommuting” for many many years  and co-wrote the first “Telecommuting Plan” at Lawrence Livermore National Lab way back in 1990.

–>Who Coworks?

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Small Business Owners, Independents, Developers

  • AltamontCowork can be there as you start your new business with affordable office space and business networking opportunities not available working at home.
  • Use the quiet meeting room to meet with clients at AltamontCowork rather than at home
  • Give presentations or hold meetings.  Community members can use the space for FREE anytime.

Telecommuters / Commuters

  • If your OFB (Old Fashioned Boss) does not want you to work at home, maybe working in a office is an option.  With videoconferencing your boss can “see the whites of your eyes” as you work in AltamontCowork.
  • Working close to home gives you more time for your family and life.  Take your life back, reduce your commute.
  • Full-time telecommuters:  get out of the house and network with other creative people.

Visit the Coworking.com community website.

–>Watch these informative videos from other coworking locations.

THE Best COWORKING Video…Ever.

Office Nomads in Seattle (timelapse of a typical day)

Room to Think, Richland, WA

Mike Pihlman and Other AltamontCowork Members

Office Nomads (Seattle, WA)

OpenSpace (Charlottesville, VA)

Citizen Space (San Francisco, CA)


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