Distracted at Home?

Be more productive at AltamontCowork, work in an office, close to home, but without being distracted at home.  

Working at home has it’s advantages, especially if you have to commute long distances for work.  But, there is also the danger of being distracted at home:  the family, the lawn, the laundry, the dog, the cat, yadaydayada….

How can you start a new business, or be productive for your current job (that is smart enough to allow telecommuting), with all those distractions? DUH…..You can’t.

Telecommuting (see my articles on Telecommuting)

At home, you can be more productive (your work is only a threshold away), you are available for your family, you save money and time,  and you help the environment (if you are a Democrat or Independent and care about that).  Telecommuting one or two days a weeks rocks.  BUT….what about a full-time telecommuter?  Believe me, I did that, and even with videoconferencing to stay connected full-time telecommuting became a chore and there are plenty of distractions at home.

Coworking (learn more about Coworking)

Coworking locations are close to your home.  You save gas by taking your bike to work or only driving a mile or two daily.  You have all the advantages of telecommuting (except you have to get dressed) with none of the distractions at home.  You have a nice office to work in, professional meeting rooms, and people just like you to help you succeed.

In short…….Coworking rocks!

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