Over the years, I have been both highly creative and…..hmmmm, not.

I have often thought about the factors that bring out my creative side and what hinders that creative energy.

Here is what I think:

Creativity is NOT a function of age: At 63, I still find creative spurts happen (they are fewer and farther apart, but, they do happen, kinda like…..oh never mind.  haha).

I am always more creative when I am in my “comfort zone”.

My comfort zone:  Exercising regularly (rare of late), not stressed about money (even rarer), but also not too comfortable, I have a good book to read (, and I have enough disposable money to buy something just to try it (and get inspiration from that experimentation).

I need a spark (that rekindles my passion for learning).  Something that is wildly lacking or stupid (and it irks me to no end) or something that is wildly interesting or new (one that is so cool or “DUH..why didn’t I think of that?” obvious).

Recently I saw an article on how they will be testing the use of 3D printing technology on the Space Station to build replacement parts.  That had never entered my mind, how freakin cool is that?  Then they went on to talk about using it in settlements on Mars or other far off places.  Wow!

I need a push to question more (I get angry with myself for not digging deeper into a problem, where in my younger days I would question & dig relentlessly).  It’s nice having young-uns around to say “Well….why not?”

I enjoy having a community of people around me who question, push, create, develop, and ask “Why aren’t we doing this?, and challenging themselves to….”Do it!”  (I’d say “Just Do It”, but, Nike might get mad….oh wait, I just did.)

Earl has been telling me for the past few months that I need to present the value of COWORKING so everyone could understand it.  Matt recently came on board and reiterated the need for me to get off of so I have more flexibility in web design, and, I had a few extra bucks thanks to Lucille (I help her with her business a bit).  This web site, and in particular, the slider that comes up on the home page, with the story of COWORKING as I see it, is the result of others pushing me to do better, be more creative, and question more deeply.  UPDATE:  In less than one month, my web site on Bluehost was down 64 minutes. Totally unacceptable…I am back on, but, I figured out a way to tell the coworking story here as well….

Coworking rocks, in more ways than one.  



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