COWORKING Attendance Numbers

I have been participating in an email thread on the COWORKING email and found it very interesting.

At AltamontCowork, except for the first group of coworkers who were here everyday all day, I have seen a “disturbing” trend of members who sign up and hardly ever come in.  I have come to expect that only about 1/4 of my members will be in at any one time.

This is both good….and bad.

It is good in that if Tracy COWORKING ever boomed, I can theoretically have 100 members.   Math time:  I have 25 work locations.  1/4 of 100 is 25 !  (Of course if I had 100 members, I would be in Maui and someone else would be running the place….but, that is a dream).

It’s bad in that I have built a COMMUNITY here that fosters small business growth thru member to member contact, the continuing education “Lunch & Learns”, and social events (DonutUP, Pizza on the Patio, Lunch at Helms, Pot Luck Lunches, etc).  BUT….if you don’t come in, this does you NO GOOD.   (And it makes the social activities kind of boring.  Lucille, Susan, Earl and Mike….over and over and over again. )

Looking at the COWORKING email thread:  Where I once thought I was alone with the non-appearance of members, I find out that other COWORKING locations (no matter where they are) experience the same thing!  Less than 1/4 of the people are in the office space at any one time.

I feel so much better.


Coworking. Community. Collaboration.






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