High Tech Start-Up in Tracy, CA

varaah incThe vision I had 5 years ago when I opened AltamontCowork (or Tracy Virtual Office as it was known then) was as a high-tech office space for individuals starting companies close to Silicon Valley.  These people would use the COWORKING space at AltamontCowork as their start-up office space.

With nothing more than their laptop, tablet, or smartphone and an Internet connection, they would work in an atmosphere created to allow these “mind-workers” to CREATE and DEVELOP software, hardware, or systems of the FUTURE….right here at AltamontCowork.

Well, other than Joleen Ruffin starting Tracy Island Online, that vision was not realized….until now.

High-tech software development start-up, Varaah.com, has geographically dispersed employees from Silicon Valley to Sacramento, and, although remote work (telework) is good most of the time, they saw the need to get together LIVE at least once a week.

Doing a search for temporary office space in Tracy, CA, they found AltamontCowork (and a few others).  They liked how AltamontCowork “looked” in the pictures and signed up, sight unseen, in June 2014.

Time will tell how well COWORKING in Tracy, CA will work out for this start-up, but, in the meantime, I have a bunch of techy’s to talk technology with!

How friggin cool is that?  🙂

Current Project

The Varaah.com team is currently working  on a tablet-based menu for restaurants.  The customer will come in, get a tablet and order their food, or, alternatively, the customer can go online to order and pay for their food from home, the office, or AltamontCowork….then go pick it up when it is ready  🙂   Restaurants in Tracy, CA who may want to be included in testing this product….write to me at altamontcowork@gmail.com.



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