Working at Starbucks versus Coworking

coffee shop working

If you are a start-up or a small independent business (or telecommuter), you might not have the resources to rent a traditional (or virtual) office.

If that is true, you may choose to work at home (with all the distractions) or at your local cafe like Starbucks, or in Tracy, CA, Baristas.

Working at a Cafe

The nice thing about Starbucks, or Baristas, is the atmosphere, action, and the cool factor.

The bad thing is that the Cafe can get VERY noisy.  You also have limited space, limited access to power, the WiFi may be unsecured, and increasingly, the Cafe’s really do not want you parking your butt at a table all day long.

Client meetings (or making a phone call) are a hassle since the noise level is high, and there are no conference rooms for privacy.  Also…the Cafe does not have a copier, scanner, or if you still insist on using old technology, a Fax.

Good things are that going to work at a Cafe gets you out of the house (you have to shower and get dressed) and it is cheap.  The only things you pay for are the coffee and food.

For many independents and start-ups, working at a Cafe is a viable option….as long as you don’t get asked to leave.

Working at a Coworking Location


If you need the amenities of an office, but, you don’t have the money to buy, set-up, and maintain the essentials….your local coworking location can be for you.

Coworking locations (there are over 1,500 worldwide) are community based, open workspaces, where the members collaborate and help each other succeed.  Coworking locations offer different packages including 24 x 7 access, and use of the space for large meetings after hours.

The  coworking environment is serendipitous, interactive, and productive.

Unlike the Cafe, you have LOTS of desk space, ample power,  conference rooms for meeting clients, a copier, scanner, the old Fax (if you really need it), free Orange Conf RoomCoffee, free WiFi, snacks, and all the little things an office has: stapler, paper clips, pens, pads, refrigerator,  microwave, clean bathrooms, storage, TV, etc etc.

In short…all the amenities of an office with the cool atmosphere of a Cafe.

Working in a traditional office is isolating (the door is closed), and working at home has distractions.

Coworking provides the best of all worlds….interaction, privacy, resources, and instant help from other members when needed.  And community where we enjoy DonutUP’s, Pizza lunches, Networking gatherings, Business presentations, Christmas parties….etc.

city of tracy meeting 1

Coffee and mugs

lots of straw hat pizza


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