Suite 205 AltamontCowork

Short History:

AltamontCowork started in Suite 203 on May 1, 2009.

The membership grew slowly, but, at times, the functions we needed to support (DonutUp’s, Pizza parties, Tweetups, Rotary club meetings, etc) filled the small open space.

I forget when, but, Suite 205 was available and we moved.

Suite 205 was open, large, and was able to host LARGE gathering, meetings, as well as give members more space for their desks and collaborations (but…it is open…ie no walls…).  Not everyone liked the open coworking space, but, those that gave it a try (of the current members: Earl and Brian) found out how great coworking is for a small business person.

After 1.5 years in Suite 205,  it was not yet supporting itself, and we had to move back to Suite 203… save money.

NOW….we have the opportunity to move BACK to Suite 205 for the SAME PRICE as Suite 203.

This could be a good time to again grab the LARGER space especially for our members who bring in groups of people after hours for classes, training, presentations, etc, but, also for the rest of us who just want more elbow space.

Here are some pictures of Suite 205:



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